Monday, 1 December 2014

So Far So Good-2014

In this year, I'm quite sure everyone has learnt something new. These things if not acted upon wouldn't have made any meaning. Unfortunately, most of us would prefer to keep such things to ourselves which is very bad in my own opinion and might be so to anyone that wishes to make impact. The world is not about keeping successful ideas to oneself but rather sharing it even if at a charge.
That little secret you know might be all someone needs to kick-start their success in life which will in-turn glorify you and also put you on the spot of unthinkable limelight.
All you've learnt, known and practiced will only value itself when you decide to share it (free or at a fee). Better ideas comes while sharing as the person might give some insights that will be of great benefit to you or even while teaching it.

Make a plan to share your knowledge so it won't depreciate and devalue.

Earlier this year, I shared a knowledge with a friend and brother, in which after giving him the key to the secret he gave me an idea which I executed and it worked. In turn, he shared some of his ideas with me and since then we've became business partners which has been rewarding. We already have working business plan for the first half of 2015.

Get someone who is always self-motivated, share your knowledge and see what could happen. Moreover, it might not be the first person like mine that will be of such help but keep it up.

Package your idea, brand it and make more from it.
If you have problem packaging it you can get someone that will help you.
Think it, do it and make it.
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