Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Relevant Skills that makes you employable.

There are relevant skills that could make you employable. These are day-to-day skills that needs to be sharpened towards professionalism. Some of these essentials are discussed in this post.

Interpersonal Relation Skills
This is a vital skills every job seeker must possess as it may be the single most important skill needed by the job recruiter. These are skills used in interacting with people at the workplace. Having a good interpersonal relating skill makes you participate effectively in the work team, attend to customers and clients satisfactorily, negotiate easily, make decisions, manage time effectively, take responsibilities for yourself and team and work effectively with other employees.
A great interpersonal skill allows you to empathize and allows you build a good rapport with colleagues and clients leading to a better working environment which can be less stressful.
A simple way to test your interpersonal relating skills is the way you relate with your friends, family, younger and older people and strangers.

Communication Skills
Employers look for people who communicate well verbally and in writing.
When seeking for job, you need to demonstrate good communication skills. Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing with different type of people, maintain eye contact, write clearly and easy to understand and tailor your language to your audience are all essential skills that an employer seek to find. Being good at communication means you can get your messages across with very less chances of being misunderstood.

Part of being a good communicator is having the ability to listen-not only listening but also understanding and gaining from the information.
Listening skill is a basic requirement that leads to fewer mistakes and a greater understanding of the needs of the employer and client.

Critical Thinking Skills
The ability to make decisions and solve problems is an asset to your employer and thus make it desirable skill.
Decision making and problem solving involves gathering reliable informations, evaluating the information for solutions and selecting the most appropriate solution based criteria and conditions-this is a criteria in any job, people with this skills are always good for a customer service positions. This skills saves a lot of time, energy and money in a teamwork.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Maximizing The Influence of Social Networks (Undergraduate, Graduates and Job Seekers)

Social Networks are now the indispensable age of today's generation. The power of social networks/media cannot be underestimated today. Absence from social networks/media is like absence from life.

So many undergraduates and fresh graduates are not focusing on maximizing the power it entails, so many do not focus or channel their social medias in the direction of their discipline, career, business or profitable interests.

What do you write on WhatsApp?
What do you tweets on your Twitter handle?
What do you post on Facebook?