Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Al Jazeera (Doha, Qatar) @ 20

About Al Jazeera:
Al Jazeera (also known Jazeera Satellite Channel) came to air on exactly this day; November 1, 1996 after the closure of BBC Arabic by the Saudi government due to an attempted suppress of information, including a graphic report on executions and prominent dissident views.
Al Jazeera started with a six(6) hour programme per day and increased to twelve(12) hours in 1997. Reaching more than two hundred and seventy million(270 million)

Channels Television (Nigeria) @ 21

About Channels Television:

Channels Television is one of the thirteen (13) independent television stations currently broadcasting in Nigeria. The company was licensed in 1993 and began transmission in 1995 and now broadcasts to a audience of over 20 million people according to the company's profile.
The television station was established in response to Nigerians yearning for a station that will give people the following services other the government or controlled television stations.

1. A television station that will give an alternative medium of communication to the government and its policies and holding public officers accountable to people.