Sunday, 1 March 2015

Maximizing The Influence of Social Networks (Undergraduate, Graduates and Job Seekers)

Social Networks are now the indispensable age of today's generation. The power of social networks/media cannot be underestimated today. Absence from social networks/media is like absence from life.

So many undergraduates and fresh graduates are not focusing on maximizing the power it entails, so many do not focus or channel their social medias in the direction of their discipline, career, business or profitable interests.

What do you write on WhatsApp?
What do you tweets on your Twitter handle?
What do you post on Facebook?

What do you update on BBM?
What type of picture of yourself do you post on Instagram?
What do you do with other social networks you are on?

Apart from your interactions on these networks, who are those you surrounds yourself with on these platforms? As an undergraduate those expected to be on your lists are people from all walks of life and most especially in the field of your career. Those that motivates you in a way, those that challenge you responsibly and those that look up to you for ideas and inspirations.

These will give you the opportunities to get informations in your field and business.