Sunday, 11 August 2013


In Nigeria today, it is of very high probability that most parents don't want their child/ward to venture into any business while still schooling. They say "we don't want you to be distracted in your studies" meanwhile to another child/ward, doing one thing without being engaged in other things later is not their type and might not get them to being focused and serious about life generally. All because they don't have a fixed time to get on to the next schedule they would have lined up for themselves. I've seen students complained about such issues who saying "I don't feel serious and responsible for my life relying on my parents, i feel like sending a sum of an amount to their accounts every month end. I want to feel responsible for something(guys especially)." But every time you tell them "I need something to focus on when I'm not busy and something I can rely on" they'll say "don't worry, we'll always get you anything you need." But they don't always do everything. Do they?
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