Monday, 22 February 2016


At this point in the history of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari is making the right moves and taking the right decisions at the right time. The ban is at a good timing. The moves made on banning some of the numerous products flooding Nigerian markets killing our local productivity and sense of responsibility to production and as a matter of fact falling the Naira.

Importation grossly took over our markets and gave no room for the development of local products, rising of local producers and entrepreneurs, penetration of locally manufactured goods and acknowledgement of Nigerian goods.
Importing is greater benefits to the exporting countries and the growth of their economy than it does to our economy.

Nigeria was far more better and was also one of the richest countries in the world during the time when trade, production and exportation was the primary business of every
Nigerians. At that time according to history, it was an expensive thing to do when you travel abroad buy anything on your while coming back. People only travel to have fun and relax for a while and come back home. That was when our exporting rate was highly greater than our importing rate and thus proving the Naira to be a currency of value.

"No nation can truly be great without experiencing a tough time" and "development can't come while believing we are in a good comfortable zone."

I can boldly say we have been living in the comfort at the expense of other countries manufacturing for us. We need to sit, think develop products, experiments it and mass produce it for public use. Now that our all thing "ready made goods" has been banned, what the people didn't want to do now remains the only available option. So many who have
no product will be forced to sit, think, and produce a worthwhile good. "there can never be achievement and improvement sitting and dinning in a comfort spot."

With this decision, when production of so many things starts locally, our currency value will greatly appreciate and the complaining citizens shall be happy it came at this time. Building the nation is not only in the hands of the governments, it rests mostly in our(citizens) hands.

What can you do to help Nigeria grow?
Have something you're doing to promote the Naira. Have a product-produce something, patronize made in Nigeria goods.