Saturday, 11 October 2014

Is Linda Ikeji back online?

Upon all the trends in the past days of people ever warned world known blogger Linda Ikeji on hosting of her blog to a full site so someone won't host her popular name and claim it to be theirs. To the surprise of the world, it happened and stunned the world on the future of blogging on google platform.

Upon this happening, millions of her readers have made a comment or the other about her blog and mostly affected by what they gain, learn and know by reading her blog.

The latest development on this issue is that today as at the time I tried to visit her blog (cuz I'm one of her dedicated readers and perhaps reading her blog motivated my getting involved in the blogging habit), it went through and I saw it that it has even been on since and other updates could be traced back to as far as September 30th, 2014. So I don't really think it went down and if it does, could someone be using her account?

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